Humanity still exists! What I know about Carl Freer, the Philanthropic work, and his charities

Carl Freer born in May 9th 1970 is the co-founder of Tiger Telematics, which is a famous American electronics company that created handheld gaming console in the year 2002. The company reached more than two billion dollars in a short span. Carl Johan Freer is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is well known for his charities and the various projects that he has worked with. I know him as the best entrepreneur but more than that, I know him as a best human!

Aluminaid founded in 2010

The successful entrepreneur found Aluminaid in the year 2010 which helps people with varying degrees of burns. The company provides effective treatment for various degrees of burns in few seconds. Carl Freer has a revolutionary treatment for the first and second-degree burns and he also has international patents and trademarks for the products used.

Special mention about the bandages and products used in the process of treatment

This company has helped a lot of people and my brother who faced second-degree burn got treated here. The products used by Carl Freer and his team are awesome and it provides outstanding results. The bandage used to treat burns uses a special technology that cools wound in few seconds. Carl Freer has the patent for the same.

The services include treating the various ranges of burn dressing and improved surface coverage so that every burn is cured. I have seen by brother recover after a tragic event and the burn wounds are dressed forever. The traditional and outdated method of dressing the wound can cause a lot of suffering to the victim and it also delays the healing process. Mr. Freer has made it simple, effective and easy.

Healing process that is quick and safe

Carl Freer’s contribution towards effective relief is appreciated and many people suffering from severe burns and injury are benefit through this technology. The process includes diverting heat away from the wound and where the cold air is directed in.

I have been lucky to have known him and experienced the outstanding services offered by him. It was indeed helpful and I have suggested most of my friends get in touch with this company for a quick cure from severe burns. I Know Carl as a friendly and charming person and I wish him more success in all his endeavors.